Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 12: Birmingham, AL - Atlanta, GA

Miles today: 150
Total: 2450
After a night staying in the funky Birmingham neighborhood of Five Points South, we made our way to Atlanta. Here, we ate lunch at one of our favorite spots - Thelma's Rib Shack, a soul food restaurant on Auburn Ave. Then we spent the afternoon at the MLK National Historic Site. In addition to the museum, the site always hosts a temporary exhibit, and this year's was a wonderful collection of artwork from around the world that commemorated the work of MLK. Students also visited the King Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church, the birth home, and other sites of interest on Auburn Avenue. We ended the day with a visit from Connie Curry, an activist who has written about civil rights activists for several decades and who works on prison reform in the Atlanta area today. She also produced the documentary The Intolerable Burden about school desegregation in the Mississippi Delta town of Drew. I highly recommend her newest book, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek, with Bob Zellner.

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