Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 11: Tuscaloosa, AL - Birmingham, AL

Miles today: 100
Total: 2300

Today, we visited Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama where George Wallace made his "stand" in the doorway to protest court-ordered desegregation of UA. We then traveled to Birmingham to tour the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram Park. The BCRI has undergone some extensive renovations since last year, and the result is an even stronger institute. It now includes more present-day issues of race relations in the city as well as exhibits on international human rights violations [framed by a wall containing the Declaration of Universal Human Rights], the role of protest music around the world, and an entire new oral history research room that allows visitors to pull up a variety of first-hand interviews. It also tells the story of the recent conviction of some of those involved in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church as you look at the church through a large window while in the museum.

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